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The core and key component of every golf cart is its battery, and choosing the right type of battery is crucial to ensuring that your golf cart is always in top shape and performs to the very best of its ability. With a battery golf cart lithium, you are guaranteed to get the absolute best out of your golf cart. Not only does a battery golf cart lithium weigh considerably less than the standard lead-acid battery, but it also has a much faster charging time, a longer life, more mileage, more charging cycles, and is virtually maintenance free. Lithium batteries are also “green” energy, meaning they are eco-friendly and do not give off any harmful fumes when your cart is charging. Multiple built-in safety measures will protect the cart, the battery, and you from any dangerous accidents that are more likely to occur with a lead-acid battery.battery golf cart lithium, lithium batteries, lithium battery

We carry multiple brands of battery golf cart lithium, all universal and fitting in all brands of golf cart. These include the RoyPow 56AH lithium batteryRoyPow 100AH lithium battery, and RoyPow 160AH lithium battery. We have the Allied 65AH lithium battery and Allied 105AH lithium battery, and we also carry the ProVolt 105AH lithium battery and ProVolt 176AH lithium battery. We also carry the 50AH golf cart lithium battery. These are all kits and come with everything necessary to convert a 48V golf cart to a lithium battery, including the battery, charger, adaptor, and mounting brackets. When ordering, use our golf cart parts and accessories website, Prime Cart Parts, and specify your type of golf cart to ensure that we provide the correct mounting brackets and adaptor.

battery golf cart lithium, lithium batteries, lithium battery

A 56ah RoyPow lithium battery will travel approximately 30 to 35 miles on a single charge, while a 100ah RoyPow lithium battery can go approximately 60 to 65 miles and a 160ah RoyPow lithium battery can reach approximately up to 95 to 100 miles on just one charge. Our built-in battery protections include but are not limited to discharge, overcharge, overheating, and short-circuit protection, fire detection systems, and anti-collision. Golf cart lithium batteries are also easy to install – simply remove the lead-acid batteries and connect the lithium battery in their place, a process that takes only about an hour or less. Along with the battery itself, the heavy duty lithium battery charger is included in the battery kit as well.

If you have any questions regarding our battery golf cart or choosing which type of battery is right for you, feel free to contact us through our form or using any of the phone numbers of our various store locations.